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  • Sad Girl House is shutting down for an indefinite amount of time. All projects are cancelled. Over these past months, my mental health has deteriorated to a point where I can no longer be productive and reliable. I am incapable of running a business. I hope that in the future, if I ever get better, that I can return to Sad Girl House. I hope that in the future someone will give me a chance. I’m sorry to everyone I’ve disappointed. When I started this project, I had no idea that my health would take the turn that it did. I’m sorry. 

    If you want to know more, if you want to talk, you can always reach me at my email,

    Jennifer Olson


    Reports suggest this document is about to be taken down from Pastebin. Pasting it here.


    We are some cis and trans women and non-binary poets in the Bay Area who are concerned about ongoing issues of misogyny and gender/sexual violence in our communities.

    We are writing now with some…

    There’s some disgusting shit that’s been happening in the Bay Area lit scene, please everyone read this.

    You're Too Close To Her Face by Ben Morgan - coming out next week (Mon. Aug. 11) via webstore .


    You may or may not know I run the blog / small press “Alt Lit Press.”

    Anyway, this Monday (the 11th) I’m releasing the first physical book for sale, a collection of poetry by some guy named “Ben Morgan.”

    The poems are good, I think.

    You should buy this book, I think.

    It would make me feel…

    Alt Lit Press publishes their first print book.

    support small presses pls

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    Welcome to Status Books, a new publishing endeavor from Michael J Seidlinger and Cameron Pierce.

    Status Books specializes in releasing products based in modern digital culture. We want Twitter collections, image macros, Facebook novels, Tumblrs, coffee table books, booze (it’s not digital, but it’s awesome), esoteric guidebooks, pop culture detritus, and more. Our first title will be POCKET MONSTERS: POEMS, an anthology comprised of 151 poems written by 151 authors based on the original 151 Pokemon. 

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: Is Status Books an imprint of Civil Coping Mechanisms or Lazy Fascist Press?

    A: No. Status Books is more like an independent side project.

    Q: When will you open to submissions?

    A: Starting right now, you can pitch book concepts to Status at Please keep in mind that if it’s a potential fit for CCM or LF, it’s probably not right for Status. 

    Q: What if I have another question or want more information?

    A: Feel welcome to write to Michael and Cameron at

    We can’t wait to show you more. For now, “like” our Facebook page and keep your eyes glued to the status bar.

    cool new press 4 u 2 check out

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    Electric Cereal in July

    Louis Packard
    actually the correct term is Frankenstein’s Monster, u smugly say as they pull the lever

    Guy Melvin
    And what I do is drink knives
    Alone, maybe, who knows?
    And regret jerks you off in the morning

    Laura Poholek
    Chapter 21

    Sophia Katz
    I am stoned and the sun is setting
    How to be productive while extremely depressed

    Emily Elizabeth Scott
    everybody’s like

    Luna Miguel
    A chaotic summary of the week in eight acts.
    Nothing can destroy purity

    Alexandra Naughton
    Some things I did and thought about and observed on the way to and from the sex toy store

    BS Faulkner
    The Drunks

    Davis Land
    poker night

    Jesse Hoefling
    Name for a Poem

    Tim Paggi

    Gregory Zorko
    Pete Maravich

    Andrew Duncan Worthington
    My Bands (2004-2010)

    Anne Clement

    J. Bradley
    A Love Poem As Directed By George Lucas
    A Love Poem As Directed By Quentin Tarantino
    A Love Poem As Directed By Uwe Boll
    A Love Poem As Directed By James Cameron

    Dalton Day
    Poem Ending With a Line From Annie Clark
    Igloo Songs #1-23
    Held Still (after Wangechi Mutu)

    Jakob Maier
    reconsiderations of the relationship between the human and the earth

    Jesse Prado
    4 Ppl

    Chuck Young
    ‘i wrote a love poem dedicated to a tiny square on a screen that i considered to be extremely disrespectful’

    Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
    untitled 1
    untitled 2

    Katie Foster
    me as you
    girl slug in bed

    Vanessa Willoughby
    Lovers Always Have Two Faces

    Kaitlyn Tiffany
    I Only Believe In You and Ben Affleck

    Sandra Hajda
    Proust: A Shallow Fellow

    Mira Gonzalez
    conversation with andrew duncan worthington

    Moon Temple

    Paul Rizza
    Use of Negative Space in Euclidean Geometry

    Matt Margo
    the glorious inexplicability of feeling some type of way

    Isabelle Davis
    not yr fetish
    hot snail mail

    Beyza Ozer
    no one belongs here more than you

    Bleu Ruby Daniels-Taylor
    I often get emotional when I walk alone

    Stephen Michael McDowell

    Matthew Dinaro

    Luis Silva
    Electric Blue
    we meet in failed novels
    Shaw & Smith

    bay area poets Jesse Prado and Alexandra Naughton of Be About It Press are in July’s Electric Cereal.

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    Mira Gonzalez has a conversation with Andrew Worthington:

    My friend Andrew Worthington mailed me an advanced review copy of his first novel ‘Walls’ on May 11th, 2014, along with a $5 check to pay me back for a gin and tonic I bought him when I was visiting New York the previous month. He asked me for a blurb to put on the back of the book. I obliged after reading the novel and enjoying it, but then I realized that writing blurbs is a terrifying nightmare and I suddenly felt completely incapable of writing one. Anyways, here are the blurbs I ended up writing:

    If you feel positively about even one of these things: sex, drugs, happiness, the laughter of small children, bacon, cashmere, any disney movie, efforts to reverse global warming, adorable animals, then you will LOVE Walls by Andrew Worthington.

    I once heard a story about Andrew Worthington secretly putting orange juice in guacamole because he thought it would taste good, but then the guacamole just tasted like orange juice and it was bad. He didn’t do anything like that with this book.

    One time I bought Andrew Worthington a drink, then I moved across the country and he mailed me a $5 check to cover the cost of the drink, which was $8.

    One time Andrew Worthington brought blood sausage to a rooftop barbecue and I ate it because I felt bad that nobody else was eating it.

    Andrew Worthington looks a lot like Dermot Mulroney, who is an actor that I didn’t know about at all until someone told me Andrew Worthington looks like him.

    An engrossing book and one that is often difficult to swallow, emotionally. Ultimately redemptive, uplifting, great characterization. Well done. -An Amazon customer review for Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

    Ultimately, none of my blurbs were used to promote Andrew’s book. Which I think was a really smart decision on behalf of Andrew and/or his publisher.

    After all my blurbs were rejected, I offered to interview Andrew instead. It took us ~1.5 months and 52 emails before we finally sat down and had a Gchat conversation. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with Andrew, who is very reliable. It is entirely due to me constantly forgetting to respond to his emails for multiple weeks.

    The following is my conversation with Andrew Worthington, author of Walls, which is available now via Civil Coping Mechanisms.

    read interview here

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    I am at Stable Cafe

    on Folsom and 17th for my office hours. I’ll be here until 4, come stop by and ask questions or just hang out

    where in sf are you located do you need a bitch or intern ever do you have links to existing projects/artists/chapbooks you back or support

    Asked by Anonymous

    i live in potrero hill, if you ever want to randomly run into me, you can try Stable Cafe on Folsom, Front Cafe on Mississippi, Farley’s on 18th, or the Blue Bottle on 18th. i’m not really looking for an intern right now, i already quite a few people who have been helping me out with things. 

    one press that i really love and support is Be About It in oakland. it’s run by my friend Alexandra Naughton, who is a fantastic poet. 

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